Email Architect - All-in-1 system to write, manage & organize email-marketing | Product Hunt
Email Architect - All-in-1 system to write, manage & organize email-marketing | Product Hunt
Email Architect - All-in-one system to write, manage & organize email | Product Hunt

Organize, manage and write your emails directly in Notion

Email Architect is an unparalleled email writing system designed with efficiency to save you hours of time by making your email marketing easier, faster and better.

Email Architect is built for

Creators and writers

Who are sending out newsletters or promotional emails on the regular and are suffering from their stressful cluttered digital setup with the usual multitude of apps or experiencing the constant pain of uncertainty trying to manage all your email campaigns armed with just notebooks and post-it notes. There's a solution. Email Architect reignites your creative writing process by offering a stress-free solution to not only manage your campaigns, but to save your best writing, templates and components right at your fingertips, in the same place you write — clutter-free.


Who are managing newsletters or email marketing for themselves and clients and who's powerless of the inevitable waste of time that occurs when multiple parties are involved working across different email marketing channels and campaigns. There's a solution. Email Architect allows you to win back lost hours by providing your entire team with a flawless cross-channel workflow that your specialists can use to work on different channels across multiple campaigns —simultaneously.

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Take a look inside

One place for all your email marketing

Achieve visual overview of what's next in your email marketing strategy. Plan out projects, campaigns and use the visual real-time progress bars to track your progress.

Drag & Drop Email Building

Keep your saved subject lines, CTA's and other components right at your fingertips when writing emails and simply "drag & drop" them into the email you're writing. It's never been simpler!

Multiple campaigns & channels

Whether you're a team, a newsletter, solopreneur, online store or email agency, Email Architect lets you collab on writing emails and campaigns in real-time.

Schedule emails and monitor analytics

By importing your analytics for each email you've sent, you'll be able to monitor the results on the emails you've sent to organize by best performing. Write better emails by learning what works and what doesn't.

What others are saying

Email Architect Pro

Take your email writing to the next level with 200+ curated components like subject lines, headlines and CTA's, as well as pre-built sequences and even categorized power words!

107+ email components & blocks

Headlines, subject lines, CTA's and much more...

97+ categorized power words

Words to help you write better emails, utilizing the power of emotions...

6+ email sequence templates

Pre-built email sequences with more than 25+ total emails.

Pay once, use forever

Enjoy lifetime access, updates and no subscription fees.

Email Architect

The only email system you need.


All-In-1 Email Management System

Areas, projects and emails sections

Email blocks & templates storage

Drag & Drop email builder

Future updates included

3 Subject Line templates

3 Headline templates

3 Email Body templates

1 Scarcity & Urgency template

1 CTA template

1 PS section template

Sales Blast Email template

10 Organized Power Words

Email Architect Pro

Cheat codes for email marketing.


All-In-1 Email Management System

Areas, projects and emails sections

Email blocks & template storage

Drag & Drop email builder

Future updates included

30+ Subject Line templates

35+ Headline templates

30+ Email Body templates

5+ Scarcity & Urgency templates

6+ CTA templates

10+ PS section templates

Sales Blast Email template

Story Blast Email template

Launch Sequence template

Welcome Sequence template

Value Drip Sequence template

Story Sequence template

97+ Organized Power Words

Architect Bundle

Your business on steroids.


Email Architect ($179)

Task Architect ($179)

Course Architect ($179)

Agency Architect ($179)

Click here to learn more about the bundle

✓ Total value: $̶712

✓ Bundle price: $347

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Email Architect?

Email Architect is a Notion workspace built to help you to write, manage, strategize and schedule your email marketing in one place. Email Architect is not an email provider. You cannot send emails through Email Architect or Notion. We are however working on a solution to be able to send posts automatically via the API. Will be available in a future update (included).

What is Notion?

Notion is a free-to-use single digital space where you can think, write, and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company — and do it exactly the way you want.

How does it work?

This email system is a template built in Notion. After your purchase, you'll get a link from where you can duplicate the template directly into your Notion. I've included a detailed video guide to help you get set up.

Why Notion as your Email Writing System?

Most email providers offer great automation features, but they suck for writing. No more copy & pasting from Google Docs, switching back to your Calendar and then back to your email provider. Through Notion, Email Architect provides the framework for minimalistic and efficient email writing and allows you to store all your email blocks and templates in the same place you write.

Do I need to pay for Notion to use this?

Notion is free to use and you can use all the features of Email Architect simply by registering with a free Notion account.

What happens after I purchase?

After your purchase, you will be redirected to a Notion page containing the template. From here, you can duplicate the template into your own workspace.

Can I make changes to this template?

Of course. Templates are meant to be customized to your own needs, so after duplicating you can and should edit it as much as you like.

Is this really worth $179?

If you had to spend the time ideating and building a system like this for yourself, you’d need to spend a lot of hours. We’ve already done all that work for you in advance.

What is "The Architect Bundle?"

The Architect Bundle is a collection of premium and high-end templates designed specifically for business use cases. By buying all the templates in bulk, you'll get more than 50% discount.

The complete list of templates included is as follows:

Task Architect ($179)

Email Architect ($179)

Course Architect ($179)

Agency Architect ($179)

Click here to learn more about the bundle.

Who are you?

I am Pascio, official Notion Ambassador, Consultant & Creator of more than 50+ free & premium Notion templates that have served 100,000+ people across the globe.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes, Gumroad is used for payment and is a well established marketplace that’s been in business for over 10 years. They use Stripe and PayPal as their payment processors, so your payment information is 100% secure.

Can I share this with anyone else?

No. This product has a company license. If you wish to share it with someone outside of your company or business, please direct them to this page.

Can I be your affiliate?

Sure thing! You can sign up as an affiliate here.

What if I still have questions?

Send me a message on Twitter or send an email to [email protected]

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